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Special waxing services for our male clients.

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Sunless spray tanning leaves you with a summer glow all year long!

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Crissy Hudson

Crissy Hudson

Owner & Lead Waxologist



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First Time Visit Brazilian 25

Welcome Back Special Brazilian 40

Brazilian 50

Brazilian & Stomach 55

Bikini 35

Inner Thigh 12

Buttcheeks 20

Hands 12

Arms (Half)  30

Arms (Full)  40

Underarms  15

Stomach  12

Lower Back  20

Areola 12

Legs ( Half)  40

Legs (Full)  55

Toes  12

Women’s Chest 25

Women’s Back 25

Women’s Chest & Back 45


Eyebrows  15

Sideburns  12

Full Face  35 (eyebrows not included)

Nose  12

Lip  10

Cheeks  12

Chin  10

Neck  12


Chest  50

Back  50

Shoulders 20

Spray Tanning

First Time Visit Rapid Spray Tan  27

First Time Visit Spray Tan  22

Welcome Back Special Rapid Tan 45

Welcome Back Special Spray Tan 35

Rapid Tan 55

Spray Tan 45

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Just a Few Tricks of the Trade


  • Avoid coffee before your wax (can increase sensitivity)
  • Exfoliate 1-2 days before your wax and 3-5 days after your wax
  • Length should be at least 1/4″ to 1/2″


  • Waxing every 4 weeks will reduce pain (or 5-6 weeks if your hair grows at a slower pace)


  • 1 day prior to tanning session, exfoliate with an oil-free product, paying special attention to dry areas like your feet, knees, and elbows.
  • Remove all makeup, deodorant, or lotions. These products can block the airbrush tanning solution and may negatively affect your tan’s development
  • Shave 24 hours before tan application
  • Wax prior to the spray tanning session
  • Bring in dark undergarments for the actual tanning session. (Do not bring your best pair)
  • Remove jewelry before your airbrush tanning session


  • Do not wear tight-fitting clothes or undergarments, as this will cause the solution to rub off your skin
  • Avoid showering, exercising, or other activities that may cause you to sweat or get wet (such as washing your hands or even letting your dog give you kisses!) for eight hours, or 1-4 hours with our Rapid Tan
  • Hydrated skin will maintain a tan far longer than dry skin, so be sure to moisturize daily. This is key to maintaining a healthy tan
  • Use sunblock with an SPF
  • Avoid long, hot showers or baths and harsh scrubbing; pat your skin dry
  • Use dark sheets or blankets, as some of the bronzer may rub off overnight
  • Like any other tan, an airbrush tan lasts longer the better you take care of it!

What To Avoid

  • Anti-aging and acne treatments (including skin bleaching cream, salicylic acid, microdermabrasion, serums and toners containing alcohol or witch hazel, Retin-A, skin bleaching cream and others) can cause tans to fade
  • Using loofahs, waxing, dull razor blades, bleaching, and other abrasive skin treatments or applications can fade your spray tan more quickly
  • Avoid hot tubs! The water and chemicals in a hot tub will strip you of your tan. Quick dips in pools and the ocean are okay, but extended swims can fade your tan. Using our tan extender, and body wash will give you the full life of your tan. Over the counter bath and body products can expedite fading

We offer The Glitter Effect™ as a totally complementary and optional service included with your Brazilian wax.

Our glitter is made with 100% FDA approved ingredients, it’s completely non-toxic, and aluminum-free, and it will not stain your clothes!

It’s a super fine, edible glitter dust with just a hint of color to add a little sparkle.

If you have been shaving, or are brand new to waxing, you will have to wait until your second visit to get your cupcake frosted.

Got questions? Ask away! Your waxologist will be happy to answer them for you.

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